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APPI - Associação Portuguesa de Professores de Inglês

The Portuguese English Language Teachers' Association

Website:   Phone:+351 21 716 6095  Adress: Rua Dr. Joaquim Manso, 1 A 1500-240 Lisboa

Short Description:

APPI’s activity is focused on improving English language teaching in Portugal. APPI’s mission is achieved through consistently appealing to members and teachers of English at large for a lifelong professional updating to be made possible both by APPI’s human and material resources.

Team Members

Sónia Ferreirinha

APPIforma’s Director, Teacher Trainer (Young Learners & Very Young Learners) 

Cristina Bastos

APPI Vice-President

Teacher Trainer 

Manuela Pinto

APPI Treasurer

Managment and implementation  

Consultant/Teacher Trainers/Coach

Sandie Mourão

Teacher educator, author and consultant specializing in early years language education and the use of picturebooks in ELT

Vanessa Esteves

Teacher trainer

Consultant on 21st Century Skills and Curriculum Development

Neil Mason

Educational Coaching & Intercultural Intelligence

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