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Audiation Institute, Italy


Website:  Phone:+393 286 946 869  Adress: Via Bergamo, 8 20135 - Milano Italy

Short Description:

Audiation Institute is a cultural association without lucrative purpose that emerged in Milan in 2013. The main purposes of the Association are the training and the research based on EdwinE. Gordon MLT.

Team Members

Arnolfo Borsachi

Teacher Trainer at Audiation Institute 

Expertise: Teacher trainer at training courses based on Edwin E.Gordon Music Learning Theory, for Musicians and Music Teachers Pre-Primary Teachers and School Teachers 

Silvia Biferale

Co-diretor of training activities and education at Audiation Institute. 

Rehabilitation Therapist, Breathe therapistand pedagogue according the method of ilse Middenford in Oberstdorf in Germany

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