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Município de Ponte de Sor

Ponte de Sor City Council 

Website:  Phone: +351 242 291 580 Adress: Campo da Restauração, 7400-223 Ponte de Sor

Short Description:

Ponte de Sor is a small municipality located 150 kilometres from Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal, with a population of 16722.

Ponte de Sor City Council is a local authority who seeks to contribute to the development of an educational system, opened to the world, to innovation and challenges of a global society, which will endure in time, add value to this territory and raise the quality of life of its local residents. 

Team Members

Sérgia Bettencourt

Counsellor for Education

Expertise: Teacher and Master in Pedagogical Supervision

Susana Esculcas

Project Coordinator

Expertise: Educacional Sciences

Management Team

Adelaide Feitinha

Chief Financial Officer

José Costa

Senior Technician

Financial and Administration Support

Margarida Inácio

Coordinator Techcnician

Expertise: Administrative Support

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