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Malopolska Wyzsza Szkola Ekonomiczna w Tarnowie (MWSE), Poland

Website:  Phone: +48 14 688 00 20  Adress: 33-100 Tarnów, ul. Warynskiego 14

Short Description:

Malopolska School of Economics in Tarnow (MWSE) was established in 1995. MWSE is a highly respected university, meeting the needs of the public. The Faculty of Social Studies conducts the following courses: Pedagogy; Pedagogy Preschool and Early; and Posgraduate studies in Early Preschool Education and the English language.

Team Members

Radoslaw Waldemar Pyrel


Researcher at Malopolska School of Economics, Tarnow (Poland).

Institucional Erasmus Coordinator


Expertise: PHD Studies in Managment; Master in Human Resource Management; Bachelors in Marketing Management 







Renata Smoleń


Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Management and Tourism at Malopolska School of Economics in Tarnow, Poland

Expertise:  in Psychology, Assistant Professor, Lecturer, Teacher TrainerPhD

Ewa Żybura


English Language Lecturer at Małopolska School of Economics in Tarnow, Poland, Teacher Trainer, Methodology Consultant, Qualified Examiner of National Exams/ PTE Exams

Expertise: MA in History and European Studies, English Language

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